• ES Student wins Ocean Stewardship Award

    Exploration Science student, Rich Karp recently won the RSMAS MPS award for Ocean Stewardship. Rich did excellent exploratory work on understanding some of the genetic factors related to coral bleaching resilience with the Lirman Lab here at UM-RSMAS. Well done!

  • New Exploration Science Graduates

    Three new exploration science students graduated in May. Aaron Azzola finished his work on exotic and invasive species in the local Bill Baggs State Park. Justin Tuttle looked at applying citizen science to issues affecting endangered corals for the planned Port Everglades dredging project partnering with local NGO Miami Waterkeeper. Finally, Jeff Palumbo, finished his report on applying scientific diving principles to shark tagging and UW archaeological work. Congratulations!

  • Students Beginning Internships

    Current students have finished their coursework and are beginning to head out to do their internships in the coming months. These include working with sea turtle conservation research, outreach and education with Mote Marine lab and the Scouts of America, photographer Carlton Ward, Jr., and SubGravity diving systems. All the best as you start these endeavors!